Neo4j is Now Available on POWER8

Neo Technology, creator of the Neo4j graph database, has formed a partnership with IBM to offer Neo4j on IBM POWER8. This partnership offers a number of benefits to enterprises by combining real-time graph processing with the capabilities of IBM hardware to scale up.

As a leading graph database, Neo4j helps business leaders manage larger volumes of data and generate insights from their data relationships, as well as act on those insights in real time. However, applying those insights in real time at the point of touch requires the ability to support extremely high transaction capacities with massive volumes of data at scale. With this partnership, enterprises can now overcome their big data challenges both with Neo4j to extract meaningful, real-time insights from data relationships, and with POWER8 that allows them to scale their graphs to massive proportions. IBM Power Systems can provide up to 56 terabytes of extended memory space with CAPI flash architecture on a single machine, accommodating graphs of never-before-seen size and scale.

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