New Aberdeen Research to Examine Future of Mainframe Computing

There is much debate in the IT world today about the future of mainframe computing. Some think decentralization will lead to the demise of enterprise spend on big iron. Others feel that virtualization and cloud computing will bring the mainframe roaring back to center stage.

To learn more about organizations' near-term and long-term plans for mainframe computing and the techniques they are using to make the most of existing IT investments, Aberdeen is conducting a mainframe benchmark study, sponsored by Novell and IBM.

To thank participants for responding to this survey, Aberdeen will deliver the aggregated results of the research in a complimentary report. Discover the core business applications that run on mainframes (including enterprise systems, data warehouses, web applications, firewall technologies, and communications services), as well as the operating environments, such as Linux, and software architectures in use or planned. Are your perceptions of the future of mainframe computing accurate? Are you missing opportunities, not taking advantage of third-party support, or unclear about distributed, outsourced, heterogeneous, and centralized computing paradigms? With this research, a baseline for performance and a set of leading practices for improving the efficiency and utilization of mainframe computing technologies will be established.

The report, which is expected to be available after March 31, will allow organizations to benchmark their mainframe practice against peers and best-in-class companies. Take the survey now and receive the complimentary report when it is complete.