Novell Announces Strong ISV Support for SUSE Appliance Program

Novell has announced that independent software vendors (ISVs) are demonstrating support for its SUSE Appliance Program, a complete appliance solution that enables ISVs to quickly build, update, configure and go to market with fully supported software and virtual appliances.

According to Novell, trends such as cloud computing are changing the way businesses package, distribute and utilize software, and software appliances provide a platform that is well suited for ISVs in their pursuit of new markets and business models.

Built on the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform, the SUSE Appliance Program consists of a comprehensive program and group of technologies that enable ISVs to quickly deliver existing applications to physical, virtual and cloud computing environments, reduce sales cycles and pursue new market opportunities.

There are more than 3,800 ISV applications currently certified on the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform. Many of these ISVs will be joining the SUSE Appliance Program to offer their application as an appliance, according to Novell.

"Software appliances can help simplify IT for small and medium businesses, helping them to focus on their customers while saving money," said Bob Sutor, vice president Open Source and Linux of IBM Software. "We think easy to use and deploy software appliances such as Lotus Foundations built on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell and IBM software present compelling sales opportunities for our business partners. We're excited to explore extending our work with Novell in the appliance space."

For more information about the SUSE Appliance, go here.