Novell Releases SUSE Gallery for Publishing and Sharing Linux-based Appliances

Novell has released SUSE Gallery, a new online showcase for registered SUSE Studio users to publish their appliances and cloud-based applications. With SUSE Gallery, end users can browse published appliances for the solution to their particular commercial or personal need, and then download the appliance free of charge.

SUSE Gallery is an addition to the SUSE Appliance Program, a business and technology program that helps ISVs simplify appliance creation, reduce development and support costs, and extend applications to the cloud. A key technology component of the SUSE Appliance Program is SUSE Studio, a web-based appliance creation tool with more than 80,000 registered users worldwide. The Program also includes the SUSE Appliance Toolkit, which enables ISVs and enterprises to build, manage and update appliances regardless of location.

With the launch of SUSE Gallery, Novell is also announcing the First Annual "Dister" Awards, a SUSE Studio award contest that will run from July 27 to September 30. Grand prizes of $10,000 will be awarded for entries in two categories: "Community Use" and "Commercial Use." For more information, click here.

SUSE Gallery is available now. For more information on the SUSE Appliance Program, go here.