OpenStack Reveals Results from Latest User Survey

Before the OpenStack Summit held earlier this month in Paris, OpenStack operators and application developers were asked to provide feedback on their experiences. It was the fourth consecutive survey conducted by the User Committee prior to each Summit.

KVM continues to be the most popular hypervisor deployed with OpenStack across all deployment types, with over 80% of OpenStack deployments using KVM,according to the survey results.  In addition, Linux, from a range of distributors, is the most popular operating system, spanning Production, Dev/QA, and Proof of Concept use. 

The top four business drivers for using OpenStack are “Ability to Innovate, Open Technology, Cost Savings and Avoiding Vendor Lock-In.” This is notable since “Ability to Innovate” jumped from the sixth-most-often-cited business driver to the first in this report.

To access OpenStack User Survey Insights: November 2014, go here.