POWER8, Cloud, and Juju Charms – A Compelling Story

A new developerWorks blog post looks at the benefits of POWER combined with Juju Charms.

“Juju certainly isn’t the world’s best kept secret on quickly-and-easily modeling and bringing services to the Cloud, but what may be a more closely kept secret is that because IBM POWER8 supports Ubuntu, the power of POWER, coupled with the magic of Charms, brings open source cloud services modeling and orchestration to the world’s premier open server platform!  Consequently, whether you know about Juju and Charms, but not POWER, or vice-versa, you will find an unbeatable combination by combining the two,” Bob Dick writes.

To access the blog, go here. 

And for a white paper on automating the deployment of IBM Power Systems solutions with Juju Charms, go here.