Red Hat Enables Expanded Deployment Flexibility and Application Portability with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Red Hat, which recently launched the latest major release of its flagship operating platform, has announced ecosystem support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 from leading independent software vendor (ISV) partners. With a simple certification model that allows partners to deploy applications in any environment - physical, virtual and cloud - with a single certification, Red Hat enables its ISV partners to deliver flexible and portable solutions to their customers.

According to Red Hat, its long-established commitment to providing stable and standardized application programming and binary interfaces (API/ABI) ensures that, once certified, applications will be able to run for the full life of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

"Red Hat's extensive ecosystem of certified software and hardware is a key benefit that we offer to customers, enabling flexibility and, most importantly, choice for their mission-critical IT architectures," says Jim Totton, vice president, Platform Business Unit at Red Hat. "Our API/ABI commitment sets us apart from other operating environments in that it makes Red Hat Enterprise Linux and its certified ecosystem suitable for long-term, stable deployment - and does it for physical, virtual and cloud computing environments."

"As businesses look to virtualize more of their IT infrastructure, they require technology that is open, robust, and flexible," adds Dr. Bob Sutor, vice president, Open Systems and Linux at IBM. "The combination of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 platform and IBM technologies means customers can look to KVM as a viable and cost-effective way to meet their cloud and data center virtualization needs."

For more about the new release, a webcast is available for replay.

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