Red Hat Makes Strategic Investment in Open Source Database Vendor EnterpriseDB

EnterpriseDB, a commercial software company supporting the PostgreSQL open source database, has announced that Red Hat has made a financial investment in EnterpriseDB.

EnterpriseDB provides a range of products and services for the development, deployment and production use of PostgreSQL. EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus products are the company's certified and tested distributions of PostgreSQL, which include value-add enterprise components, installers and professional documentation.

With this new partnership, EnterpriseDB and Red Hat said they will continue to promote open source infrastructure solutions that emphasize the advantages of using their products to deliver lower total-cost-of-ownership.

"EnterpriseDB has clearly established itself as a leading enterprise Postgres company, which is why Red Hat has chosen to partner with and invest in the company. EnterpriseDB is also working to create customer value through a subscription support model. Clearly, this is a model we see as beneficial," said Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat, announcing the investment.

IBM is also an investor in EnterpriseDB. In March 2008, building upon EnterpriseDB's partnership with IBM, including the release of EnterpriseDB Advanced Server for Linux on IBM System z mainframes, as well as the availability of EnterpriseDB Advanced Server for AIX on IBM System p servers, IBM announced that it was participating along with other investors in EnterpriseDB's $10 million round of Series C venture capital financing.

IBM earlier this year also announced it was licensing EnterpriseDB's technology to make it easier to deploy applications on DB2 9.7, IBM's enterprise relational database. The technology is among a set of capabilities in EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server. These capabilities enable customers to run applications written for Oracle Database.

For more information about EnterpriseDB, go here.