Red Hat Unveils Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform for Production Deployment of Linux Containers

Red Hat has announced Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform, an integrated infrastructure platform designed to run, orchestrate and scale multi-container-based applications and services, at Red Hat Summit 2015.  This new offering is available through an early access program.

“The true value of Linux containers does not lie with one or two containerized applications deployed into production; rather, it’s Linux containers at scales of hundreds or thousands that deliver the promised innovation of flexible, composable applications,” said Paul Cormier, President, Products and Technologies, Red Hat. “Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform provides the enterprise-ready foundation for these scale-out deployments, built on the backbone of the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform and backed by Red Hat’s certification and support programs."

Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform will offer a managed, scale-out cluster of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host instances, Red Hat’s container-specific operating system built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, allowing for expansive deployments of container-based applications; the Docker container runtime and packaging format to simplify the creation and deployment of Linux containers; and container orchestration with Kubernetes, which enables enterprises to deliver modern applications composed of multiple containers orchestrated automatically across a cluster of hosts, including software-defined networking and storage plugins.

For complete details, go here.