SUSE Offers Elastic Pricing for Enterprise Linux on LinuxONE

In August 2015, IBM unveiled two Linux mainframe servers – called LinuxONE – that are designed for the new application economy and hybrid cloud era. With LinuxONE, IBM also introduced a flexible new pricing model. 

IBM’s Linux partner SUSE followed that news at SUSECon with plans to extend that pricing model to include the SUSE Enterprise Linux distribution pricing for LinuxONE, creating a flexible end-to-end pricing option.

In a new blog, Steven Dickens, IBM LinuxONE Offering Manager and Economics Lead, reflects on the significance of SUSE’s announcement: “The push for customized offerings is found everywhere in the business world, especially in the IT systems that underpin organizations," Dickens writes. "Companies want to choose the resources that best meet their needs, and they want to make the most of their IT spending on those resources.”

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