Study Predicts Strong Growth of Linux Use on Mainframes

Large enterprises are continuing to increase their investments in Linux on the mainframe as part of their efforts to deliver more value to the business while controlling IT costs, according to a recent study of large enterprises commissioned by CA, which provides a solutions to help manage and secure z/VM and Linux environments on IBM's System z platform. The study was executed in order to understand the factors of use as well as the trends in IBM Mainframe Linux environments.

According to the study, the two main reasons for this increased use of Linux on the mainframe were a desire to take advantage of computing capacity available on their mainframe's central processors and/or IFLs, as well as their assessment that using Linux on the mainframe would be more cost-effective than other platforms. Additionally, respondents also state they are using Linux on the mainframe to support "green" computing initiatives and infrastructure consolidation strategies.

Seventy percent of participants indicate that they expect during the next two years to have their mainframe Linux spending be greater than or equal to their current spending, and half of the respondents indicate that they expect to spend more two years from now than they spend today. Additionally, according to the CA-sponsored study, participants' projections for Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) capacity growth within the next two years reflect expectations of strong increases. According to the research, 67% of estimates were in the range of up to 40% annual growth.

Complete survey results from the study are available.