The Docker Governance Advisory Board (DGAB) Grows and Evolves

A new blog post penned by IBM’s Jeff Borek, who is also Chairman of DGAB, provides a recap of developments at the recent DockerCon 2015 in San Francisco, and looks at some of the initiatives that will impact the Docker Project and its ecosystem.

"On day one of the conference," writes Borek, "Ben Golub and Solomon Hykes talked about some primary goals for the Docker Project over the next few months, including: 1) Reinventing the Developer Tool Box; 2) Building Better Plumbing;  3) Promoting Open Standards. This was huge news from the DGAB perspective, as in effect Docker, Inc. made very public their commitment to making the foundational components available as tools separate from the rest of the Docker platform, starting with two key projects."

Read Jeff Borek's Docker blog post here.