The Linux Foundation Launches New Training in Response to Increased Demand

Linux skills are in high demand, and the necessary Linux training is readily accessible.

The Linux Foundation has announced free Linux training webinar series and an expanded set of courses and course venues for its existing training.

"Linux is experiencing significant growth in every category of computing, which is having a direct impact on the demand for Linux professionals. Companies all over the world are right now telling us that they are looking for people with Linux skills who can maintain Linux systems for years to come. This is especially true in the embedded space," Jim Zemlin, executive director at the Linux Foundation, tells LinuxLine.

As a result, he says, The Linux Foundation has made a strategic decision to help meet this demand with Linux training that is from the source, the developers and maintainers of Linux. "The training that people get from The Linux Foundation training program is vendor-neutral and adaptable across industries and vendors. We will take extra steps to also ensure we're offering training in the areas with the most significant opportunity for career advancement. For example, Linux is powering nearly every mobile device that hits the market, and demand for Linux skills in the mobile and embedded area is skyrocketing. We have unique resources to offer here." 

Zemlin adds, "We've made it extremely easy for people to participate in the Linux Foundation training program, especially by offering free training and classes at events like LinuxCon. We offer a variety of options for taking courses, including the free webbing series, onsite training at Linux Foundation events, custom, corporate training and online courses." 

For more details on the new training from The Linux Foundation, read Zemlin's blog here.