U.K. MSP Selects IBM Enterprise Cloud System to Improve Service and Security for Customers

Vissensa, a U.K.-based managed service provider (MSP), is using the IBM Enterprise Cloud System.  Founded in 2008, Vissensa maps technology platforms to the exact business requirements of clients. The IBM Enterprise Cloud System provides Vissensa with the ability to deliver a pre-configured, pre-tested Linux platform which can outperform their existing x86 based cloud infrastructure. This capability is increasingly important to Vissensa customers who are adopting multi-hypervisor operating systems and technologies, and incorporating new technologies such as OpenStack within their solutions to help reduce costs and increase performance.

The IBM Enterprise Cloud System is factory built and configured with automated cloud orchestration and monitoring to allow clients to rapidly deploy enterprise-grade cloud services. Combining System z hardware, IBM storage and IBM cloud management software into a single IaaS solution, this offering will help IT organizations and cloud service providers deliver a differentiated level of service capable of supporting mission critical workloads. Bringing these mainframe qualities of service to the cloud will also allow providers to address many of the common concerns regarding security and downtime that have been associated with the cloud.

"The zEnterprise platform offers better scalability with the most powerful processors of any server, the highest levels of availability you can get, and with better price/performance than legacy x86 hardware,” said Steve Groom, CEO of Vissensa.  “It means we can offer a new level of service, with even better security and lower the total cost of ownership for our clients.”

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