Ubuntu Comes to the Smart Phone

Canonical has announced a smart phone interface for its operating system, Ubuntu. The Linux-based software will allow users to run desktop apps on their handsets, so that they double for PCs when docked to monitors, writes Leo Kelion in an article for BBC News.

According to Kelion, the code will initially be released as a file which can be installed on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus phone, replacing Android. Kelion also reports that Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and vice president, products, at Canonical, says he is talking with manufacturers about devices to be sold with the system pre-installed within the year.

According to Canonical, Ubuntu is aiming at two core mobile segments: the high-end super phone, and the entry-level basic smart phone, helping operators expand the use of data among consumers who typically use only the phone and messaging but who might embrace the use of web and email on their phone. The company says that Ubuntu also appeals to “aspirational prosumers” who want a fresh experience with faster, richer performance on a lower bill-of-materials device.