Virtual Bridges Unveils Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Support for New IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform

Virtual Bridges, Inc. has announced that its flagship VERDE solution now provides virtual desktop management and provisioning capabilities for the IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform. VERDE is immediately available as an integrated and enabled workload offering within the new IBM solution.

According to IBM, the market for cloud services is expected to grow to $89 billion by 2015. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which allows programs, applications, processes and data from remote PCs to be stored and managed from a central location, is well suited for cloud services and helping to drive growing demand. VERDE from Virtual Bridges will enable service providers to capitalize on this exploding market.

"Cloud-based services are quickly emerging as a critical business model for service providers," notes Lauren States, vice president of Cloud Computing for IBM Software Group. "The new cloud service management platform can help providers speed the time to market of new services, including virtual desktop management, while helping lower the associated costs and risk."

VERDE provides a comprehensive, end-to-end desktop virtualization solution combining online, off-line and remote branch VDI solutions. Key advantages include an integrated and disconnected use solution, a single Gold Master provisioning model, Distributed Connection brokering architecture, flexibility to run Windows and Linux desktops, branch-level VDI at LAN speeds, and desktop portability on a USB stick.

"Data protection and regulatory compliance are major operational requirements in academic/healthcare research computing environments. The combination of blending the efficiency of IBM's cloud provisioning infrastructure with the best-of-breed VDI capabilities of Virtual Bridges strengthens our regulatory and security posture, while also enhancing our analytical computing deployments with flexible and efficient customer platforms," comments James Kaylor, a senior director, Information Systems and Technologies, at the University of Pennsylvania, a joint customer of IBM and Virtual Bridges. "The enabled VDI workload from Virtual Bridges is tightly integrated and deployed easily into our infrastructure."

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