Virtual Bridges VERDE 3.0 Adds Windows 7 and Mac Clients Support Alongside Linux

Virtual Bridges has introduced the newest version of its virtual desktop infrastructure suite with the release of Virtual Bridges' VERDE 3.0 software.

VERDE offers the ability to run both Windows and Linux desktop "guest" sessions, giving organizations not only the ability to reduce costs in Windows-only environments, but also an alternative to Windows-only solutions as cloud computing begins to erode the importance of the traditional Windows desktop, according to Virtual Bridges. In partnership with the IBM Client for Smart Work and Canonical's Ubuntu server, VERDE delivers the lowest cost desktop computing environment in the industry from both a CapEx and OpEx perspective.

Key new features in VERDE 3.0 include full support for Microsoft Windows 7 clients; VERDE Cloud Branch support, which provides the ability to replicate centrally-managed gold master images to remote sites, eliminating WAN latency; VERDE LEAF (Live Environment Accessible Format) technology, which allows any computer to be turned into a thin client with VDI and telephony integrated; enhanced clustering, enabling management of multiple virtual machines per user; and integrated VOIP integration for Skype support built into the SMART client. VERDE 3.0 reaches out to the Mac community by providing access to Windows and Linux virtual desktop sessions from Mac clients. Mac users can now participate in VDI deployments together with Windows and Linux access points.

IBM Client for Smart Work is a cloud-and Linux-based desktop package designed for use on a company's existing fleets of personal computer or even low-cost netbooks. It includes open standards-based email, productivity editors, real-time communications, social computing and more. "Virtual Bridges continues to be an important option for customers deploying the IBM Client for Smart Work," observes Bob Sutor, IBM vice president for Open Source and Linux. "The economics of deploying Linux desktops from the cloud using VERDE 3.0 should be attractive to customers who don't want to upgrade their existing desktop hardware or those looking to exploit the latest wave of inexpensive netbook computers."

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