2024: MultiValue Adapts to Change

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Keith Lambert, VP, Marketing and Business Development, Kore Technologies

Kore supports clients in several industries with a focus on manufacturing and distribution. We provide solutions for B2B/B2C ecommerce storefronts, portals and payment gateways, real-time third-party application integration, and enterprise data warehousing.

The need to integrate monolithic ERP systems, mainly SaaS type applications, with third-party applications continues to increase. Companies are always looking for ways to extend and modernize their central business system with solutions to specific areas of the business. Our most popular are ecommerce, customer relationship management, field service management, inventory and warehouse management, and transportation and distribution logistics.

Many companies are also migrating from on-premise servers to cloud-based virtual machines, hosted either in commercial cloud platforms such as Azure or AWS or corporate data centers.

Kore continues to invest in Kourier Integrator and Kourier REST technology, creating connectors for popular applications such as ServiceTitan, Tecsys Warehouse Management System, Salesforce, and many others. The Kourier REST platform provides a cloud-ready, real-time integration solution that simplifies and accelerates the application integration development process.

With this comes the need for enhanced security while maintaining a single source of data truth in the ERP system. So, it’s a good thing that Kourier REST provides secure data access and enforcement of the ERP business rules.

While AI technology is still growing, its introduction into business software comes at a good time. With so much data being collected and processed, we need more than simple, rules based analysis and algorithms to keep pace.

We need software that learns to recognize business and data patterns in order to help manage the data, provide additional security, handle exceptions, and suggest improvements to business operations. Kore has begun to explore how to take advantage of the AI tools that are available in order to improve our products and services to support our clients’ evolving needs as we move forward into this new era.

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