2024: MultiValue Adapts to Change

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Brandon Robinson, Head Geek, RDM Infinity

Generative AI is a very big deal—and a bit of a black box.

Everyone’s talking about it, but not everyone understands how it works or why it matters. That’s especially true when it comes to MultiValue software. When our customers talk about AI, what they really want is faster access to higher-quality data. So, how can AI help with that?

Let’s start by talking about what you don’t want from AI. You don’t want to staple a cookie-cutter AI widget onto your MultiValue system. That might look pretty, but it won’t do a thing for you. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution designed to solve somebody else’s problems.

The fact is, AI is only as effective as the data behind it. But with the right MultiValue partner, you can train AI to access the right data for each particular use case, then transform that data into actionable intelligence.

Here at RDM Infinity, our team of MultiValue developers has created custom AI solutions to modernize purchasing, replenishment, warehouse reporting, and more for our customers.

We’re not just bolting these solutions onto existing systems, then slapping on a fresh coat of paint to make everything look nice. We’re digging into our customers’ systems, understanding what’s happening behind the scenes, and building made-to-order AI solutions to address speci_c issues with the best available data.

That’s why so many developers want to work for us—and why so many of our customers keep coming back for more. We’re solving complex problems in practical, powerful ways with custom-built solutions. And we pride ourselves on training the next generation of MultiValue developers so they can find new ways to put AI to work for you.

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