Ashwood Computer Announces FastBac DR for Secure Backup and Retrieval of Critical Data

Ashwood Computer, Inc., a full-service VAR and preferred systems integrator for companies utilizing MultiValue database technology, has announced version 3.2 of FastBac DR, its disk-based backup tool.

"Right now, disaster recovery and business continuity planning is a priority with all of our customers whether small, medium or large businesses," Rod Owens, president and CEO, tells DBTA. "Some companies are audited and have been asked what they would do if there is a disaster-either a total disaster or even just a temporary interruption of services, such as a system crash," he explains.

Previously called simply FastBac, the new product name reflects a heightened focus on disaster recovery and the product's ability to address auditors' concerns regarding disaster recovery planning and regulatory compliance, Doug Owens, vice president, Ashwood, adds.

FastBac DR enables instant backups; as well as prompt, secure access to corporate business data whenever necessary; 24x7 production use of information systems and data; and automation of system backups and scheduling. It also maximizes availability during backups, minimizing the time mirrors need be broken; and saves money and time, eliminating the need for tape drives, tape-backups and admin.

FastBac DR works with UniData, UniVerse, jBASE, Reality, or Open QM. Also FastBac DR v3.2 is ported to IBM's AIX as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Ashwood is also now working on a Windows port and is in the process of arranging a beta HP-UX port.

Ashwood custom configures, installs, tests and certifies FastBac DR to meet their customers' specific needs and these systems are operational within hours. For more information, go here or send an email to