BlueFinity Announces Referral Partner Program

BlueFinity International, a member of the Mpower1 Group of Companies, has created a new partner referral program. The BlueFinity Referral Partner Program is designed for independent sales professionals, industry influencers and professional service consultants to participate in associative selling of BlueFinity products and solutions, according to the vendor.

“As a BlueFinity Referral Partner you will be able to introduce BlueFinity's products to your customers and share a percentage of the revenues from your referred accounts,” stated Pete Loveless, CEO of BlueFinity. “All you need to do is register for the program and refer your leads. All sales efforts and billing will be handled by BlueFinity, and the consultative sales process ensures a diligent sales effort to make sure that referred prospects are attentively and professionally pursued.”

To be eligible for the referral program, referrals must include certain minimum prospect information and the referral sale must close within two years of the referral date unless mutually extended. The referral partner may elect to participate in the sales cycle or refer the sales candidate for BlueFinity to pursue.

BlueFinity International’s flagship product, mv.NET, is a comprehensive solution for developers to access MultiValue databases from within Microsoft's .NET environment. Further information can be found here.

For questions regarding the BlueFinity Referral Partner Program, send an email to