BlueFinity Creates New Rapid Business App Development Platform Integration for MultiValue

BlueFinity International is launching a new solution called Evoke, a new rapid business app development platform that will integrate with all major SQL and MultiValue databases. 

Designed for development and deployment of mobile, desktop and web apps, Evoke allows companies to build business apps more easily and to extend their enterprise applications to customers, employees, and partners.

It offers all the major features of a typical RAD environment, including menu creation, integration of device specific features, styling and data management, along with a WYSIWYG screen designer.

The platform is future proof - no matter how much the business needs change or technology evolves, it still offers an unlimited growth path, according to BlueFinity.

Evoke offers an extensive array of UI widgets, dynamic adaptations, and industry standard component integration to support the deployment of apps across all major platforms and devices, all from a single design and code set.

All the major devices including the iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows phones and tablets, plus Windows, Linux and Apple desktop are supported and can adapt a single user interface design so that multiple screen sizes and operating systems of these various devices are provided for, and the users of each device is presented with visual displays.

Evoke designer provides developers with everything they need to produce high quality business apps. They can quickly and cost effectively build interfaces, define and manage data, and use Evoke’s unique business logic components to create apps.

Data management is also one of the fundamental design features of Evoke.  The system presents multiple options for designing apps without being restricted by the way the data is held.

Businesses also have a choice of how to deploy their apps as Evoke will support the generation of web apps, hybrid apps or as full, industry-standard Visual Studio and Xamarin projects which can be deployed as native apps or form part of the onward development program.

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