BlueFinity Expands Evoke with the Ability to Custom Build Apps

As a result of customer demand, BlueFinity is extending of its professional services division with a group which will focus on “Intro Apps.”

Intro Apps are created by BlueFinity for their customers using the Microsoft centric Evoke low-code/no-code development platform and is a fast and inexpensive way of going live with a modern, fully working app that is integrated with a customer’s existing applications.

For a low-cost fixed fee, BlueFinity will create and deliver an app based upon the functional and technical specifications specific to the client. The app presents a modern user interface and provides full integration to the clients existing MultiValue, Oracle or SQL databases. It also incorporates business logic as required, including calling existing APIs, subroutines, and other existing proprietary code.

The Intro App can be delivered as either:

  • A go-live ready app that provides full functionality and can be installed and rolled out without further intervention or
  • A Seed App – A working app that provides a foundation for the client to further customize the app with their own personnel using Evoke to meet their exact requirements.

Whichever option the customer chooses, they will always be able to maintain complete control over their app and how they wish to enhance it in the future. Modification, customization, and enhancement of the app can be performed at any stage by the customer themselves through the Evoke drag & drop, point & click and options select, low-code platform.

Benefits include:

  • Customers are able to meet the demands of their business by having a custom-built app designed and developed according to their specifications
  • They are able to deploy the app in a fully live operation within weeks
  • Following live deployment, they have the full power and versatility of the Evoke lowcode/no-code platform for enhancement, customization, or new apps
  • Customers have 100% of the source code of their app (as generated by Evoke) installed on their computer systems

MultiValue users are finding the Intro Apps attractive, according to the vendor. It means that they are able to rely on BlueFinity, not only for the creation of their app but also with the provision of significant assistance with their MV systems at a time when lack of resource has become an issue.

Malcolm Carroll, director of BlueFinity, explained that “it really does provide the best of both worlds. It is a fast and effective way to give the business sectors of a company what they need now, whilst giving the developers in the company the power and flexibility of Evoke low-code to take their systems and systems development forward.’

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