BlueFinity’s mv.NET Solution Objects Recognized for Innovation

BlueFinity International, a member of the Mpower1 Group of Companies, has announced that mv.NET Solution Objects was recently selected as best new technology innovation of the year by a panel of judges at a recent MultiValue conference.

According to BlueFinity, mv.NET provides a native .NET interface to MultiValue database platforms, allowing access to the MultiValue system - both data and program code - from within a .NET application. Designed with both performance and flexibility in mind, mv.NET enables software designers to combine the power and flexibility of proven MultiValue technology with the feature rich .NET environment.  It allows the MultiValue developer to carry out application creation from within the Visual Studio environment.

For .NET developers that want to access MultiValue databases, mv.NET has provided strong connectivity capabilities for a number of years with its Core Objects and Adapter Objects component sets.  Solution Objects, for which BlueFinity was honored at the International Spectrum conference, adds to this capacity by introducing the ability to easily create a strongly-typed, class-based access layer to a MultiValue database.  It provides the complete spectrum of features required to do this - the design tools to create the definition (entity model) of the access layer, the code generator to produce the access layer program code and the run-time support libraries. 

The code generator generates .NET code modules in either C# or VB.NET allowing non-MultiValue developers to access and utilize the platform in ways which they find familiar and comfortable.  This means more intuitive, readable code resulting in much faster, more effective application development and reduced on-going support costs.

mv.NET Solution Objects provides easy to use database access for developers who don't have detailed knowledge of MultiValue database technology.  It enables the MultiValue database to be exposed to and accessed by the largest programming talent pool in the world - .NET Programmers - lowering the cost for projects while increasing the value of the MultiValue developer.

In line with BlueFinity's mission to provide state-of-the art Microsoft centric tool-sets, Solution Objects has been enhanced to generate access layers that are able to run within the Silverlight browser environment.  This means that Silverlight applications are able to access MultiValue data via industry standard interfaces and allows the full power of Silverlight's excellent data binding technology to be used against MultiValue data.

"The key thing about Solution Objects is its ability to build a high performance, industry standard 'bridge' between the MultiValue world and the Microsoft .NET world," says Pete Loveless, CEO at BlueFinity International.   "What we will see over the coming months from BlueFinity are more and more innovations whereby the entity model created using Solution Objects acts as the backbone for multiple application development environments, allowing developers to leverage their investment in building the entity model in multiple different ways.  Visual Studio LightSwitch and mobile device support being two examples of things to look out for from us in the near future."

For more information, visit the BlueFinity website.