COA Solutions and MITS Partnership Enables Patient-Level Analytics

COA Solutions and Management Information Tools (MITS), have formed a partnership aimed at helping managers and theater [operating room] staff in healthcare organizations to manage their business units with greater efficiency. COA Solutions is a U.K. supplier of integrated business management and information systems.  MITS is a U.S.-based provider of advanced reporting and business intelligence software. The MITS product line contains both the MITS Discover OLAP Business Intelligence suite as well as the ad hoc operational report tool, MITS Report.

With this partnership, MITS Discover (Standard Edition) analytics reporting tool is integrated into COA Solutions’ patient-level resource management system (PRM). PRM records and replenishes theater stock, replacing inefficient and costly paper-based stock management processes.  With the tightly-integrated MITS Discover product, named PRM Analytics, users of the PRM system are provided with key information to support patient-level costing and ultimately service-line management.

“The PRM Analytics engine offers users a very simple, easy-to-use interface granting them access to a wealth of information,” said Coletta Vigh, Channel Manager from MITS, at the time of the announcement.   “With PRM Analytics, users can analyze and report on every aspect of their organization's patient-level resource management, helping to produce service-line management reports and to address the challenges prevalent in many healthcare organizations.”   For more about COA Solutions Ltd, go here For more about MITS, go here