Campana Systems Partners with Kore Technologies to Offer UniVerse ETL/EAI Solutions to AAA/CAA Auto Club Customers

Campana Systems, a provider of integrated business and information management solutions for the auto club industry, is partnering with Kore Technologies. Campana will resell Kore's Kourier Integrator and SQL Accelerator products, to provide its AXIS customers with robust UniVerse data extraction and incremental update capabilities.

Kore Technologies has been expanding its offerings and is becoming involved with more partnerships, Ken Dickinson, managing partner and cofounder at Kore Technologies, told DBTA. “We actually found Campana through a couple of their customers who put us in touch with the company. We did a series of demonstrations and they recognized the strength of our software–and within weeks we had a partnership and the first project was underway.”

Through its AXIS Division, Campana has been a business partner to AAA/CAA auto clubs for over 20 years. The AXIS product suite consists of specialized toolkits in the areas of member relationship management, emergency road service, membership, travel, point-of-sale and financials. These toolkits, many of which can be deployed individually or combined to create a fully integrated solution, are used by auto clubs to deliver timely service, strengthen member relationships and increase product adoption.

Kore Technologies’ Kourier Integrator provides companies operating IBM U2 (UniVerse/UniData) databases with enterprise application integration and extract-transform-load (ETL) capabilities. These ETL capabilities, combined with the automatic normalization of MultiValue data, and various export formats, will allow AXIS customers to extract data from any file in a UniVerse database or AXIS system for exchange/transport with other applications and databases. The integration and automation of these extraction processes ensures data consistency, eliminates redundant data entry and saves time.

Kourier Integrator offers advantages to organizations seeking to implement a data warehouse for business intelligence reporting, observed Dickinson. “A common philosophy we have had here at Kore since its inception is that UniVerse-based applications have tremendous value, are extremely flexible, and can adapt to business needs quickly. However, UniVerse is not the best database when it comes to building complex BI reports,” he said. With Kourier Integrator, said Dickinson, users can “retain the value of their UniVerse applications and mirror the data in a relational database such as SQL Server where there is a plethora of tools they can use to mine the data and build reports - so they have the best of both.” Additionally, Kourier Integrator can be leveraged by organizations who have a need to seamlessly integrate their UniVerse-based application to a third-party best-in-class application, such as a client relationship management application, which is the case with our first Campana customer.”

Kore will also soon be introducing a new version of Kourier Integrator, version 2.0, said Keith Lambert, vice president of marketing and business development at Kore. “The new release has an integrated development environment for managing MultiValue to SQL Server projects. We incorporated our SQL Accelerator functionality into the Web interface and we added many new features requested by our clients,” he said.

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