Clarke Transport Finds Success Using Zumasys’ jBASE

Clarke Transport recently switched to jBASE to power its transport management system with stunning results.

Since 1986, Clarke Transport, a multi-service transport organization based in Birmingham, England, has been running its core business application on another MultiValue database.  Its transport management system is at the heart of its business.

However, after hiring a series of new developers, Clarke Transport decided to move to jBASE for its native architecture which is easier for programmers without MultiValue knowledge to master.

Clarke Transport is a regional provider of delivery, warehousing, and transportation solutions, specializing in transporting hazardous freight, such as chemicals and paint.

Ever since the company made the switch to jBASE, the platform is at the core of everything the company does.

“Our transport management system pretty much runs our entire business. All our jobs, consignments, routing, scanning, and invoicing is handled through that system, which now runs on jBASE,” said Gareth Armstrong, IT development manager at Clarke Transport. “We also have external websites that connect to jBASE so our customers can enter jobs themselves. Without our transport management system, we wouldn’t have a business.”

Clarke had been running its transport management system on another system for 30 years. But the company started to look for a solution that was on the leading edge, something that would allow it to be more forward-looking with development, explained Jason Westwood, head of IT at Clarke Transport.

Since moving to Zumasys and jBASE, the company has benefited from stability and flexibility.

“The MultiValue community is very small, particularly in the UK. One of the key advantages of Zumasys is that we can leverage its large support team without having to go through a middleman to diagnose issues,” Armstrong said. “Zumasys provides the 24-hour, globally available coverage we need to compete in our industry. With Zumasys, we can phone in and speak directly to someone who can help us solve our problem immediately.”