Columbia Ultimate Business Systems Chooses Zumasys to Transform its IT Infrastructure

Columbia Ultimate Business Systems (CUBS) is a leader at providing integrated solutions for the collections industry and is one of the largest resellers of JBASE.

CUBS leverages the Zumasys Cloud and IT solutions expertise to offer clients across all platforms and configurations a service model that has transformed their IT infrastructure.

CUBS’ core collection software products help customers recover more in less time. With applied analytics and powerful call management solutions, CUBS offers products to suit customers’ every need.

With Zumasys, CUBS customers get a smooth, high-touch path to the cloud, where they can take advantage of unmatched cost efficiency, flexibility, and speed of service delivery. Together CUBS and Zumasys partner to deliver reliability, accessibility, and business value to clients.

In 2016, Ontario Systems, a leading revenue cycle management (RCM) and accounts receivable management (ARM) software and services provider, acquired Columbia Ultimate Business Systems (CUBS). These two market experts came together, strengthened their product presence and have incredible momentum with The Zumasys Cloud.

Dave Ketzenberger, President, Pono Ventures/ AR Recovery, recently used the solution for his business and was quite happy about the results.

“Our server was about 10 years old and it was custom built and I inherited it and its headaches. During the last two years, the system started acting up with freezing or disconnecting sessions that a collector had been utilizing. I was faced with either buying and installing a new server or pursue this new-fangled “hosted server” stuff,” said Ketzenberger.

Zumasys was the perfect solution. Because of their partnership with Columbia Ultimate, Ketzenberger said he felt confident that they would work well with each other.

“It felt great knowing that the problems are theirs to handle, not mine. I haven’t even logged onto my Zumasys server in months. It just goes. It’s like I don’t even have a server anymore,” Ketzenberger said. “I’ve stopped doing backups as Zumasys’ mirroring and redundancy has made that practice obsolete. My server is mirrored on one site and there is a completely different site that has my server running where that is mirrored as well. That would be four live copies at the ready. Zumasys has always been accessible and ready to handle any questions I had throughout the transition. It was a scary move, but I have absolutely no regrets. Zumasys will do right by you.”