Consumer Electronics Distributor Gains Self-Service Reporting with Informer

AAAA World is a distributor of consumer electronics and appliances, and also operates a retail showroom in Florida, where it sells consumer electronics, home appliances and other products.

The company is now using Entrinsik Informer which it selected for its ease of use, reporting and analysis flexibility, and automated scheduling capabilities. Informer’s built-in query engine enables both technical and non-technical business users to generate and schedule reports based on live production data. Informer enabled AAAA World to push report creation out to users who can customize reports based on individual needs without IT support.

Previously, in order to access the information it needed to analyze data within its Rocket D3 database, AAAA World hired a consultant who would create a program to manually run reports as the team needed them. Alternatively, the team at AAAA World could run reports from the TCL command, but that was a complicated and non-menu driven process that most employees were unable to do.

Entrinsik Informer  has enabled AAAA World to create reports for inventory reporting, using various dictionaries that were setup on its Rocket D3 database. AAAA World has also created reports to pull data on sales & accounts receivable, and scheduled reports are now distributed via email.

AAAA World’s reporting capabilities are now much easier and streamlined, presenting information in drag-and-drop form, according to the company. “There is definitely a cost savings since we have to rely less on our consultant to prepare reports,” says AAAA World’s Kiran Patel. “Users are very satisfied they now have the flexibility to generate their own reports and can also change certain fields and modify the reporting format.”

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