Entrinsik Announces New Partnership with KeyedIn to Enable Business Intelligence for Sign Industry

Entrinsik, a provider of information management solutions, has formed a new partnership with KeyedIn Solutions, a software business specializing in cloud-based enterprise applications.

Through the agreement, KeyedIn is leveraging Entrinsik Informer reporting and data analysis engine to run KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition Business Intelligence (BI). BI allows for easy access to critical data which provides real time reports that allow users manage and analyze data that can then be exported to PDF, Excel and XML. KeyedIn is also using BI in a customer portal solution, which allows sign shops’ customers to view reports such as shipment tracking, invoicing, and others.

The combination of KeyedIn Solutions and Entrinsik Informer reporting software enables users to analyze a wide range of organizational data through a single application and portal. Informer’s plug-in architecture enables easy embedding, so that partners can quickly integrate reporting into their software.

“The goal and benefit of Informer is that it empowers users and report consumers to take control and manage their own reporting needs in intuitive ways so they can manipulate their reports themselves,” said Chris Reeves, VP of Partnerships, Entrinsik, in an interview. There are many tools that people are using for reporting but Entrinsik fits a niche between Excel and the products of major software companies, Reeves explained. “The value-add for Informer has always been intuitive access to data - meaning you don’t have to be familiar with the schemas that you are reporting against.”

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