Entrinsik Earns Top Rankings for its Business Intelligence and Self-Service MultiValue Capabilities

Entrinsik Inc., developer of Informer, is being recognized for its self-service, embedded BI, and ease of use.

The company has received top rankings in the BI Survey 17, asurvey of business intelligence end users, for these areas.

With Informer, organizations can quickly connect to their traditional or uncommon databases, spreadsheets, and unstructured data streams all without time-consuming warehousing or cubing. Users can access, blend, and cleanse data in a few easy steps, then utilize data discovery to explore, analyze, and visualize relevant information. Informer enables end users to confidently manipulate and interact with data, collaborate with colleagues, and even create a personalized home page to access the information they need quickly.

“For over 30 years Entrinsik has invested consistently in research and development to make Informer a full-fledged BI platform known for its ease of use and self-service.  We are always pleased to see this reflected in customer feedback,” says Doug Leupen, President and CEO at Entrinsik. “Our team has focused on simplifying every part of the platform so first-time users can begin using Informer fully with as little training as possible. Non-technical users can feel comfortable navigating the platform, exploring their data, building reports and dashboards, and sharing insights in minutes.”

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