Entrinsik Informer 4.5 Expands SQL Capabilities

Entrinsik is showcasing the new capabilities in Informer 4.5, which will be released on June 8.

Informer is an agile BI tool that supports many data sources, one of which is SQL Server. “With 4.5 we’re really building on our SQL capabilities and adding more advanced options for users that are reporting on SQL platforms,” stated Tim Nicholson, director of Informer services at Entrinsik. 

New features in 4.5 include the ability to define specific types of joins, add specific conditions for SQL, such as aggregate conditions, and sub-select, which will allow the users to do set type operations with their data. Nicholson will present a June 4 webcast, which will cover all of the product updates and contain a live demo as well.

Closely following the 4.5 release, Version 4.6 will become available a few months later, said Nicholson. “Version 4.6’s big feature will be formatted output and that will allow you to design any kind of form using HTML and CSS. This will allow the user to create things such as financial statements and transcripts.”

In April, Entrinsik also presented an informative webinar on the relationship Informer has with the MultiValue community. “We’ve had a very close relationship with the MultiValue industry since 2001. We have an intimate understanding of the pros and cons that come with MultiValue databases,” said Alex Leupen, director of channel development with Entrinsik. “The pros are the flexibility, but with that can come some clutter as well.” Informer allows organizations the flexibility to work with MultiValue data as well as numerous other sources of data.

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