Entrinsik Informer is Recognized for BI Capabilities

Enabling more users to have access to critical information for decision making has become a key goal within organizations. To help address this increasing requirement, Entrinsik Informer, an agile reporting and business intelligence application, provides access to real-time data from multiple sources, in-depth analytic capabilities, and intuitive data visualizations from one user-friendly web interface.

Recently, Entrinsik Informer was recognized in a BARC survey of BI products. The survey contains a wide-ranging list of categories from purchase cycle right through to deployment, including critical information on performance levels, scalability and problems encountered. The 2014 survey featured over 2,300 software users and about 34 products and product groups.

According to Entrinsik, Informer’s strength is that it enables users to create reports and dashboards directly from the source. An operational BI product, Informer complements traditional BI tools that primarily query data warehouses or other predefined dimensional or analytical structures. Main applications of the tool include enterprise reporting and ad hoc queries. Informer provides a drag and drop, point and click interface to support self-service reporting for all users, regardless of technical ability. End users can create personalized reports and ad hoc queries on their own, freeing up IT staff to focus on other tasks. 

BARC groups the BI tools among similar sets. Informer is grouped in the set of “Dashboard Vendor” and “Ad Hoc Reporting Vendor.”

One of the key categories Informer performed well in is “Chosen as Standard.”  “This means that those customers that are using our product with other products within their organization have chosen to standardize on Informer when it comes to ad hoc Reporting and dashboard reporting more than any other software product,” explained Doug Leupen, president of Entrinsik. “This survey says we have a heck of a product and customers love it,” he added.           

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