Entrinsik Launches Latest Version of Informer

Entrinsik is releasing Informer 5.1 with new features including multi-tenancy, Mapping Suites, and business workflow enhancements.

This latest release of Informer introduces a new multi-tenancy architecture that enables VARS and ISVs who develop and deploy software to quickly serve multiple customers using a single instance of Informer.

Companies can now run one instance of Informer on one database and provide web-based access to their clients, with each client’s data isolated and invisible to other clients.

By supporting multi-tenancy, software vendors and their clients can be hosted separately and securely on shared server infrastructure with the client-facing view featuring the vendor’s branding.

Multitenancy significantly eases the maintenance and administration of these deployments and optimizes resource usage.

Informer 5.1 also includes the Mapping Suites feature which greatly simplifies reporting from databases with partition schema layouts found across various sectors, including the Education space.

A Mapping Suite is a set of related tables in the database that is segregated by a common attribute, typically with base tables that define the columns for the common attribute.

Using Mapping Suites, Informer Reports can be created using the base tables, and the appropriate year is specified at runtime, eliminating the need to have mappings and Reports for each year table.

Mapping Suites can be used in any schema that has partitions. It can also be used to combine snapshots of data and report from the snapshots.

Organizations can now combine snapshots in one Informer Report and segment them out based on partition, e.g., year, department, division, practically anything.

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