Entrinsik Revamps Website for Ease of Use

Entrinsik has revamped its website to be easier to use and navigate, with the help of technology partner, Big Bite Creative.

In addition, Entrinsik has introduced an interactive Informer Dashboard into the site at, enabling visitors to interact with and get a feel for how dashboards work. Informer Dashboards allow users to see the big picture view of their data in just a few clicks, performing ad hoc data analysis with easy-to-use, interactive visualizations.

The interactive dashboard example uses SugarCRM data for demonstration purposes, but Informer can extract data from multiple data sources into one report or dashboard with its unique direct-to-data source process, allowing users to analyze real-time reports and dashboards without the need to create another data silo/warehouse.

Informer's drag and drop, point and click interface makes self-service reporting possible for users across skill levels, and Informer Dashboard technology been designed to be fully interactive and customizable, enabling users to drill down, dynamically group and sort, export and embed data, as well as monitor and track key metrics and business objectives. Users can easily build real-time dashboards that integrate data from multiple sources on their own, freeing up IT staff to focus on other tasks.

Entrinsik has also incorporated new customer testimonial videos featuring customers including Piedmont Community College, Quinnipiac University, Gustavus Adolphus College, and Valparaiso University,  throughout its website at

For more information about the Entrinsik-Sugar partnership, go to