Entrinsik to Offer SQL Migration Tool for Datatel Users

Entrinsik Inc., a developer of web-based operational reporting and analysis software, plans to offer a solution that will assist Datatel users in migrating their Informer UniData-based mappings and reports to a SQL environment.  The utility is slated for general release January 2012.

"Typically, data migration can be a challenge for many organizations," says Doug Leupen, CEO.  "We've heard from many of our Datatel customers who are looking to migrate to SQL and developing this tool is our effort at delivering a resource that will help facilitate that process."

According to Entrinsik, its Informer Web Reporting software is used by over 1,000 organizations, including over 250 institutions using Datatel software.  Informer accesses real-time data from multiple data sources including Colleague, Advancement, ODS, and any other data silos through one intuitive, interactive, web-based interface, and creates a self-service reporting environment where users can customize reports and perform real-time, on demand data analysis without IT assistance. 

To help preserve this investment, Entrinsik will assist with the conversion of Informer data sources using a Colleague UniData database to data sources using a Colleague SQL database.  "We recognize that our Colleague-based clients have a huge investment in Informer, in terms of both time and effort," says Tim Nicholson, Director of Informer Customer Service.  "Given our well-established relationship with the Datatel user community, we understand reporting requirements and the data structure, making the development of a utility such as this possible."

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