Entrinsik to Unveil Informer 5 at the TUG Conference

As Entrinsik gears up for the next release of the latest update to its Informer platform, the company will be attending the TUG Conference to show off the beta version.

“We are excited to attend because it’s an industry that’s making traction with Informer,” said Sharon Shelton, vice president of marketing at Entrinsik. “We will be there exhibiting and we are a Silver Sponsor at this show.”

TUG Connects 2017 is the annual meeting for users of Infor Distribution software - Infor A+, Infor Enspire, Infor FACTS, Infor SHIMS and Infor SX.enterprise. The event is being held through February 22 to the 25.

Entrinsik will be there to demonstrate the beta version of the new Informer 5 data discovery platform.

“We will be doing 2 presentations, one will be with one of our customers who are using Informer,” Shelton said. “He’ll be demonstrating his instance of Informer, showing his reports and dashboards. He uses it to track fulfillments, sales performance etc. He’s automating, integrating processes and workflows by combining data from different sources. He’s using data from multiple sources to blend and run reports, he loves this.”

The new version enables companies to make fact-based decisions about revenue, margin, and other key metrics by analyzing and visualizing real-time data within core business systems.

The interface is modern and the platform is flexible, extensible, and able to cleanse data as it comes in, Shelton explained.

“You’re able to create subsets of data to create one version of truth for people who are consuming the data,” Shelton said.

Informer 5 also adds more abilities to collaborate between teams. Users can create and consume, and then communicate about those reports to glean more insights to share among themselves.

Entrinsik is shooting for the end of March, beginning of April for its official release.