F.W. Davison & Company Embeds Informer’s Agile BI Capabilities into its Software Platform

To help satisfy its customers’ need for reports providing information and insights, F.W. Davison & Company has embedded Entrinsik Informer’s agile BI capabilities into its platform and also developed more than 1,200 core report templates, writes Sharon Shelton, Entrinsik’s vice president of marketing, in a recent blog post. F.W. Davison  is a provider of high-performance software solutions for professional employer organizations, and sells its software to human resources outsourcing vendors, some of which have hundreds of thousands of small business clients.

Informer delivers self-service reporting, ad hoc analysis, and interactive dashboards and is well suited for organizations that need an operational business intelligence solution fast, don’t have a huge budget for infrastructure and staffing, and want to minimize the risks involved in deploying a comprehensive reporting solution. Informer’s supported databases include Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, Microsoft Access, UniData, UniVerse, and others.

Many HR departments want reports in different formats and in different combinations, Shelton writes, whether the focus is payroll analysis, employee benefit analysis, or any other type of analysis and that is why the flexibility provided by Informer is important. “The possibilities are endless in terms of how data can be combined and sorted,” says Babigian. “There’s not much you can do with a printed report. Now users can run analytics and create their own charts based on their specific needs.”

More information about Informer is available from the Entrinsik website.