Free Webinar Shows How to Transfer MultiValue Data Into SQL Server With mv.SSIS

BlueFinity International recently demonstrated how to create a simple SSIS transformation to move MultiValue data into MS SQL Server using mv.SSIS in a free webinar on March 1.

According to BlueFinity, Microsoft SQL Server's tool set called SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) provides a rich environment for developers to define how external data is to be imported into an SQL database.  SSIS is a graphical tool which runs inside Visual Studio and allows data importing activities to be built for purposes such as data mining, data migration, reporting and OLAP.

BlueFinity's mv.SSIS product allows data to be read from any major MultiValue database directly (with no intermediate file processing) into the SSIS environment.  This opens up the entire SQL Server set of tools and utilities to MultiValue database users.

mv.SSIS allows the functionality of the standard drag-and-drop SSIS transformation design environment to be used to create powerful and flexible data transfer definitions, promoting rapid and error-free transformation creation and lleveraging existing SSIS skills and knowledge. 

Information about BlueFinity is available at