HR Company Relies on HRPyramid and Entrinsik Informer to Provide Customized Solutions

Sharon Shelton, vice president of marketing at Entrinsik, showcases Hawaii Human Resources (HiHR), a company using HRPyramid and Entrinsik Informer to help provide customized HR solutions to nearly 250 clients, in a new blog post this month on the Entrinsik website.

Entrinsik offers an SDK for extending the Informer operational reporting and analysis environment via a plug-in framework that both customers and partners can use. Entrinsik partner FW Davison used the SDK to create an embedded reporting environment for customers of their HRPyramid software, a package for the PEO (professional employer organization)and ASO (administrative service organization) industry that integrates payroll, human resources, benefits administration, billing and accounts receivable. HRPyramid customers in turn offer Informer to their customers.

Prior to purchasing Informer, HIHR was limited to the stock reports and unable to extract the specific data needed for internal and external reporting purposes, Shelton explains. She adds that since deploying Informer, HiHR has created almost 200 reports, including basic census, 401K reporting, and code file listings, and the company also makes heavy use of more advanced Informer functionality, such as Live Excel. Read it here