IBM U2 SB/XA Personal Edition Now Available; Plans Underway for U2U 2009

SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture for UniData and UniVerse (SB/XA) is now available as a Personal Edition from the U2 Trials and Downloads website. SB/XA PE is the personal use version of the revitalized SB+ application development suite and contains the necessary application server, middle-tier, SBClient and new XAML-based presentation components for use with the U2 PE Databases, according to the company.

There is no support available and it is not for remarketing or production use. It is intended to be an introduction to what can be done with SB/XA and to show users how easy it is to create a robust enterprise application with an extensible modern user interface using the new presentation clients.

“The intent is to encourage new developers to try this product, which is based on Windows Vista technology, including WPF, WCF, and XAML. This is GA1 of the product, designed for developers. We plan to follow quickly with GA2 and GA3 to complete the full functionality of this new product,” Susie Siegesmund, director, U2 Data Servers & Tools, IBM Information Management, tells DBTA.

IBM’s U2 University 2008 events in the U.S., U.K. and Australia have concluded and plans are now underway for U2U in 2009, adds Siegesmund. “U2U went very well this year. Our customers related that they were very pleased with the elevated technical level of the content,” she says.

In addition to the one-hour sessions, there were 75- and 90-minute sessions, which allowed the presenter to delve deeper into the topics, and the four-hour tutorials were also popular. “We plan to have three events next year--one each in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia,” says Siegesmund. “The major new offering will be hands-on labs. We're looking at one event per month in September, October and November.”

For more information on IBM’s U2 family of products, go  here. For trials and demos, go here.