Ian Sandler Joins Onsystex as Director of Professional Services

Onsystex, which helps companies extend the reach and effectiveness of MultiValue applications, has announced the appointment of Ian Sandler as director of professional services.

Sandler has extensive experience with the MultiValue operating system and database having been responsible for development of the Pick post-relational model at General Automation, C.Itoh and Sanyo/ICON, according to Onsystex. For the past 9 years, he has been consulting with large companies, some with over 1,200 online real-time users, assisting in navigating issues related to interoperability, performance, reliability, security and redundancy, DR planning and implementation.

Sandler is particularly relied upon for the design and implementation of high-availability solutions and resolving issues of performance, streamlining function at the operating system and database level as well as system integration and the repurposing of multi-valued applications with Oracle/SQL databases in ways that allow the company to deliver maximized performance, says Onsystex. He has consulted in the U.S. and internationally, assisting companies with the challenges of evolving business requirements. He has also been responsible for the unique design of applications to meet these challenges, including HIPAA/SOX compliance and data encryption using AES, to name a few.

"With over 30 years providing software engineering and consultancy services to the MultiValue market in the U.S. and abroad, Ian's reputation typically precedes him," commented Tim Spells, president of Onsystex. "As the author of the GA Pick Database implementation, not only does he know all of the variant MultiValue databases inside out, but he has extensive experience in fine tuning and implementing corporate technology efficiencies, disaster recovery and high availability systems. He is an extremely knowledgeable and valuable resource for Onsystex and our customers." For more information, visit the Onsystex website.