Jigsaw24 Continues to Grow with Help from Rocket Software

Rocket Software is continuing to help Jigsaw 24 to automate and extend business processes to scale and enable continued growth.

Founded in 1992, Jigsaw24 is a U.K.-based provider of technology solutions, managed services, and strategic consulting that is focused on Apple products. Its portfolio includes managed and productized services and solutions, as well as specialized infrastructure for media and end-user creative technologies used for design and print.

In the late 1990s, it became increasingly apparent that the slow and disconnected systems used for order processing, inventory management, picklist assembly, and shipping were leading to an increase in errors throughout the business, inhibiting further growth.

The Jigsaw24 team understood it was critically important to install an ERP solution that would improve their end-to-end processes and drive long-term growth, even though the projected investment was substantial.

After carefully evaluating a number of options, in 1999 Jigsaw24 deployed an ERP system from Masterpack, a solution built on the Rocket UniVerse MultiValue Application Platform.

According to Neil Box, DevOps and IS&T director, Jigsaw24, the goal was to deploy a system that could function as an “enabler” and not a “blocker,” delivering robust, extensible functionality for the business.

In 2001, Jigsaw24 transitioned away from printed catalogs in favor of an e-commerce-enabled website, implementing the Rocket U2 Web Development Environment to provide dynamic integration with Masterpack.

This resulted in a dramatically improved experience for both customers and employees. Today, Jigsaw24 also integrates Masterpack with Salesforce for marketing, CRM, and service management, providing an all-encompassing customer-centric solution.

In addition to 8X growth in annual revenue, Jigsaw24 has attracted new investment partners and expanded from 50 employees to 250, with additional offices in London, Glasgow, and Cardiff.

Thanks to the efficiencies delivered by the UniVerse-based ERP system, the information systems team is still able to deliver across all functions with only four people.

In 2007, Jigsaw24 began to develop custom Masterpack-integrated portals for its customers at no charge. "UniVerse enables our team to measure, deliver, and constantly improve our offerings on a truly agile basis. Simply put, we are able to quickly meet the demands of the business as it continues to grow,” Box said.

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