Kore Announces Release Version 5.4 of KommerceServer

Kore Technologies has announced the release of version 5.4 KommerceServer eCommerce Suite.  KommerceServer eCommerce Suite includes a storefront, customer portal, and mobile edition, and is engineered to integrate with any back office ERP system (e.g., Epicor Eclipse, Prelude, Infor LN and more). This release benefits both the customer and the e-commerce administrator.

One of the biggest improvements on the customer side for the release is the improved speed. Search time for products will be up to 20 times faster than before. Additional new features that will benefit the customer are improved quick search to find more matching products sorted by relevance, the ability to search for available inventory by branch location, and searching for store locations based on U.S. Postal Service ZIP code.

The benefits and features that e-commerce administrators will be able to find in version 5.4 are promotion of the website through targeted coupon marketing, define zones and rates to better manage internal truck fleet deliveries, implement customer loyalty programs by generating leads for key affiliates, and using a request for quote strategy to engage the salesforce and not disclose pricing. 

“Nearly all of our enhancements are customer-driven so the design is vetted to address real-world business scenarios,” explains Ken Dickinson, co-founder and managing partner, Kore Technologies. “Manufacturers and distributors need to manage product information and produce engaging content to drive traffic to the website and physical store.”

Dickinson and Keith Lambert, Kore vice president of marketing, will host a session at the Eclipse Users Group conference in San Antonio, Texas, September 13-15. The session will cover e-commerce selection and implementation strategies. Kore will debut the release of version 5.4 at the Eclipse Users Group.

For more information on Kore, go here.