Kore Receives Encouraging Feedback after Releasing Integrator Updates

After releasing Kourier Integrator 4.3, Kore has been gathering feedback from customers to prepare for future updates and gauge users’ needs.

“The rollout has been going great and customers are liking it,” said Mark Dobransky, co-founder and managing partner. “There are a lot of cool features in there.”

A recent update to 4.3, making it release 4.3.1, will add support for SQL 2016, further boosting the platform’s integration with other popular services.

“We’ve had several customers that have been asking for that and we’ve been able to do the engineering to make it so they can use that new environment,” said Keith Lambert, vice president of marketing and technologies at Kore.

Kore will continue to enhance the platform’s REST capabilities and incorporate new and emerging standards in REST.

“We’re going to be adding some self-describing capability into the release,” Dobransky said. “We’re going to add a personalized approach to APIs.”

According to Lambert, many features that come out of Kourier are designed to address customers' needs in the field. “We create a feature that solves that need for a wider audience and that’s how Kourier continues to grow in a lot of cases,” Lambert said.

Additionally, Kore recently showed off Kourier Integrator at the Eclipse Users Group Conference earlier this month.

Frank Kertai, partner at Kore, and Lambert talked about how to make data warehousing easier, e-commerce needs, and the latest updates to Integrator.

“It’s a good opportunity for the members and the vendors because it gives us a forum to really get closer to the customer base and give us an opportunity to spend time we wouldn’t normally have talking face to face with the prospective clients,” Kertai said.