Kore Releases Significant Update to its Signature Platform

Kore Technologies has unveiled the latest release of its signature platform, Kourier Integrator, improving several key areas of the hailed solution.

A year and a half in the making, Kourier Integrator Release 4.3 makes it easier to create, deploy, and use RESTful Web Services for real-time enterprise application integration.

This latest release introduces Kourier REST Gateway, a critical component of the real-time integration architecture.

“With this release we’ve really strengthened the overall offering of the REST, real-time integration, and the Kourier REST Gateway is really the pinnacle of offering that real-time access to the outside world,” said Keith Lambert, vice president of marketing and technologies at Kore

REST Gateway is responsible for providing secure access to MultiValue applications from outside the firewall while it monitors, manages, and measures REST Resource usage.

“It’s the modern way of making disparate applications talk to each other,” said Mark Dobransky, co-founder and managing partner.

An interactive dashboard offers visualization of REST API request trends and performance, giving administrators actionable data for making system adjustments.

Kourier’s REST development framework has been enhanced to streamline and simplify how developers build real-time REST APIs.

Creating REST Resources is done predominantly via configuration pages instead of programming. For more advanced requirements, developers can use Event Handlers to leverage existing application business logic or add special instructions at specific timing intervals.

API consumers also benefit from using Kourier REST APIs because they are more developer-friendly. REST features such as pagination, field limiting, dynamic sorting, and query wildcards can be utilized with no additional programming effort.

“Our emphasis in the release is trying to make it so that existing code in an application could be leveraged with minimal effort,” Dobransky said.

Additionally, the update also includes significant improvements to Kourier’s support for additional data sources (e.g., Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL) with the new Quick Start Workbench and advanced data profiling system.

“REST is a tool kit and what Kore has always done - our added value - is put things together in our own toolkit to make it easier to do things rather than coding from the ground up,” Lambert said. “We’re going to continue to improve the product and make the lives of our developers and clients easier.”

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