Kore Showcases Solutions at CCISDA Event

Kore Technologies, provider of solutions for enterprise integration, data warehousing, business intelligence, and integrated e-commerce web solutions, recently showcased Kore’s products at a recent California County Information Services Directors Association (CCISDA) event.

CCISDA is the official organization to represent California’s 58 counties in the area of county government IT. The organization hosts a conference twice per year, alternating between northern and southern California, with the purpose of fostering collaboration among and providing education for its attendees.  

“The main goal at the conference was to get in front of some of the vendors and C-level directors and tell them our story and see how it resonated,” explained Lambert. “There are lots of systems that manage county governments and many of those are right in that MultiValue niche that we have been very strong in.” Kore has had previous success with their product Kourier Integrator in working with county government IT in Oregon and Texas on projects involving data migration and SQL data warehousing.

Working with a governmental client can be different than working with a business client, however.  Deals with the government may move at a slower rate than with the traditional business clients due to many levels of the approval process. Elections can have an impact on the relationship between a vendor and a government entity as well, noted Anita Mackie, Kore’s marketing assistant. “The outcome of an election can have an effect because there may be new leadership every 4 years.”

But, just like other organizations, government agencies and departments are increasingly trying to use IT and data to make processes easier and more secure. Security, which is a critical consideration for anyone working with data today, is especially important to government IT along with a greater emphasis on mobile access. “For example, when you go to the DMV you may have to stand in line to fill out multiple forms. Now, you’re able to fill them out ahead of time. Governments are just trying to find ways to make that processes like that much easier for its administrators and residents,” stated Mackie.

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