Kore Stresses the Importance of Real-Time Integration at the Eclipse Users Group Conference

Kore recently attended the Eclipse Users Group (UFO) Encounter 2018 where the company showcased its new Eclipse REST APIs and the enhancements offered in the latest releases of Kourier Integrator and KommerceServer eCommerce Suite. The event took place on September 9 -11 in Atlanta, GA.

The Eclipse Users Group (UFO) User Friendly Organization is an independent business organization founded to create a strategic alliance with Epicor Eclipse management, developers, and support staff to help direct and enhance the software package to our mutual benefit and satisfaction.

“This is becoming the defacto conference for Eclipse users,” said Keith Lambert, VP, Marketing and business development at Kore. “It’s the sixth one they’ve had and each year it gets bigger and bigger.”

The company hosted a session titled, “Compete and Win on the Business Gridiron with Integrated Solutions” where Lambert and Ken Dickinson, co-founder and managing partner, stressed the importance of real-time integration, business intelligence, and eCommerce solutions.

“We always try to have a session because it lets you talk to people directly,” Lambert said.

He noticed that smaller distributers were looking for ways to get into ecommerce solutions while making partnerships with other companies to gain more visibility in the industry.

“We like to be really flexible to whatever these companies need to make ecommerce work,” Lambert said.

Real-time integration was another hot button issue, according to Lambert. More companies are looking for tools and partners to integrate third parties so they could have other systems work with Eclipse.

“It seemed like there’s more people wanting to do CRM,” Lambert said. “People want to do things like warehouse management integration.”

The company will continue to attend the conference and Lambert expects it to keep growing.

“Obviously I like to promote our products as much as I can in the vein of: What are companies doing and how can Kore help them?” Lambert said.

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