Kore Technologies Introduces KommerceServer Mobile Edition

Kore Technologies has announced KommerceServer Mobile Edition, providing the capabilities of KommerceServer webStoreFront and webPortal in a compact mobile package. The new mobile edition is intended to be a complement to Kore customers’ corporate websites. The mobile edition enables end users to browse a company web catalog, make online purchases, and access their account histories using a streamlined interface designed for the requirements and workflow of the mobile user. 

KommerceServer Mobile Edition is different from other native mobile applications because it does not require a separate version for each mobile device platform, Ken Dickinson, managing partner at Kore, tells DBTA. “We took the design principles of building a mobile app, which, since they are smaller devices give you less real estate to work with, and used those design principles to build a mobile website which runs on all the platforms so it is very cost effective to our customers.”

The mobile edition, works the same on all mobile platforms including iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, and Windows Phone, notes Keith Lambert, Kore Technologies vice president of marketing.

The mobile edition looks like a native application and worksworkflow-wise like a native application, but because it is not, it is less expensive to develop and support, and less expensive for customers to purchase. “The difference really is that the workflow is streamlined,” says Lambert, and “is not a full website experience.” It is focused mainly on letting end users see products and do ordering.

In working with distributors, adds Dickinson, Kore realized that the distributors’ customers are often contractors, service providers, or designers that may be bidding on jobs while they are out in the field, or may be on a job site and need to have product and troubleshooting information that is more easily accessible. “We also think it is important for our distributors that may have brick-and-mortar branch locations to help customers locate the closest one from their mobile device,” notes Dickinson.

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