Kore Technologies Partners with Paciolan and SSB Consulting Group to Launch Ticketing Intelligence Solution

Kore Technologies, a provider of enterprise integration, business intelligence and e-commerce web solutions for MultiValue and Microsoft SQL Server databases, is partnering with Paciolan and SSB Consulting Group to create a SQL-based data warehouse solution called Paciolan Ticketing Intelligence.

Paciolan is a provider of ticketing, marketing, and fundraising solutions to more than 500 live entertainment organizations, and SSB Consulting Group is a Denver-based consultancy. As a result of the partnership, the three companies have succeeded in quickly bringing to market solution that "if any one company tried to do individually would be too complicated and too time-consuming,"  says Mark Dobransky, managing partner of Kore Technologies.

"This demonstrates how robust and powerful our Kourier Integrator solution is," adds Keith Lambert, vice president, marketing and business development at Kore. "It is an enterprise-ready ETL and EAI solution, and other companies can use it at this very high level or at the smaller scale that a lot of companies do BI."

The Solution

The new solution will provide Paciolan's clients with real-time dashboards, cross-systems reporting and direct data warehouse access to help them make data-driven business decisions. The solution is able to bring together information from multiple databases including a university foundation, merchandise, concessions, ticketing, marketing and fundraising sources. With this data, teams and venues can analyze sales and donation data, identify trends, and tailor programs to maximize sales growth, enhance customer interactions and increase donation revenues.

Kore's Role

"Primarily what we are doing is extracting information out of the Paciolan application, which is a UniVerse-based application, and we are moving that to SQL Server with our Kourier Integrator and SQL Accelerator products," Dobransky explains. "We are able to normalize the data, get it into SQL, and then, because of how the Paciolan ticketing application was designed, we also aggregate the data across the various seasons that a sports team, college team, or a venue might have. The ability to aggregate data across multiple files is used very extensively in the application."

Once the data is in SQL Server, it makes writing the reports, visualizing the data, and seeing trends much easier, says Dobransky. 

Additional Advantages

Paciolan Ticketing Intelligence also enables organizations to integrate data from third-party systems, including data-append and lead-scoring services, as well as affiliated fundraising systems to provide sophisticated data analysis across a complex organization to aid revenue growth.

For Paciolan customers, the ticketing intelligence application is the backbone of what they do, but they have ancillary systems that also hook into that, Dobransky notes. "For example, their web-based ticketing, or maybe their CRM application - those sorts of things - also have data repositories, and we are able to take that information, and integrate it into the data warehouse so they can see the consolidated view of all of that information."

Another key  capability that Kore is leveraging in its Kourier Integrator software for the new application is the "Net Change" (change data capture) feature. "If you had to move the amount of data that they are talking about with the data warehouse and try to do that nightly for example it would be impossible to do. The Net Change feature in Kourier Integrator makes it possible and we are able to update the information in the data warehouse about every 5 minutes," Dobransky says.

And because the data is near-real-time, there are additional marketing techniques that can also be employed to bolster the revenue from live performance events such as plays or sporting events, Dobransky adds. For example, he says, when a person comes into a venue and scans a ticket, it is then known to the organization that the ticket holder is on the premises, and as a result that person can be offered discounts on items such as refreshments and merchandise via their smartphone. "They can set up parameters to say for example if you are at the game an hour before kick-off we are going to offer you a 25% discount on a jersey. And so, because it is near-real-time, they are able to drive that sort of marketing effort which ends up sending more dollars to their bottom line," Dobransky explains.

Early Customer Implementation

Arizona State University Athletics is the first in college athletics to implement the smart analytics solution into their ticketing and fundraising systems. "Paciolan Ticketing intelligence provides instant access to critical data, in real time that will help us better manage and measure our efforts through extensive reporting," said Steve Patterson, athletic director of ASU. "This will enhance our ability to provide world-class customer service to meet the needs of our fan base, while driving additional revenue."

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